Thursday, 23 October 2008

Preventing Orders During the Credit Crunch

My lack of recent posts has not been due to any improvements in organisations reducing their order prevention actvities. Far from it. It's just that I have been a tad busy with my own business and reading emails from some of you regarding your own Order Prevention Department Experiences (OPDE) which I thought I would share with you:

- An OPDE that I find hard to understand is that from "Ryan" who has managed (amazingly) to get plumbers and heating engineers to visit his place of residence to quote for some work. It took him a while to track some down that would turn up though. Now that one of them has remembered (after much prompting) to send a quote - he is now having to chase the chap to make a couple of agreed changes to the work so that it can get started. Is there really so much business out there for trades people that they can afford the luxury of potential customers pestering them to start the work? My own experience is that however much chasing you do to get a company to start the work, you will only have to do more chasing to get them to finish it!

- "Steve" in London sent me an email describing an OPDE that he has endured whereby his local chinese restaurant now refuses to take cash and insist on all payments being made by either debit or credit card. OK, I guess it's their restaurant so they can make the rules - but nowhere on the windows, menu or signs in the restaurant does it state this. Oh yes, the other thing is that tips can't be added to the bill total for the credit card payment - the tips do need to be left in cash! With making it so hard to pay the bill - who would leave a tip anyway?

- Finally, "Sandra" sent me a fantastic email with images and cartoons of OPDE's - the one that made me laugh out loud was this:

I'm sure we've all experienced this level of customer service in the past? Until the next time...