Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Comet do not want my friend's money

OK, here we go again. Another company trying to stop a friend of mine parting with his hard earned money - and also making him feel like a criminal at the same time! Good Grief...

"We need a new washing machine, our current one is only six years old and is now dead though I feel sorry for it, it’s kind of like it has been put out of its misery, it has suffered six years of abuse, massively over loaded by the wife (in which regard I would sometimes secretly take a few garments out after she had loaded it so as to extend its miserable life a little longer) and, sitting where it does in our utility room, constantly pelted with dirty football boots and school shoes by the kids.

I placed an order by phone with Comet at around 2:00pm on Monday requesting delivery on Friday, we couldn’t wait any longer, the dirty wash bin over flows daily as it is and the undies draws will surely all be empty by Thursday. I was advised that the order had been “selected for checking” and was told that I would get a “confirmation e-mail shortly”.

Having not received an e-mail I called Comet again at 5:00pm the same day to be advised that the order was in a queue and had not yet been confirmed, I was concerned that the Friday delivery slot would be lost (smelly PE kits hanging around over the weekend) so I called again at 7:45pm to be told it was still in the queue and that I should have an e-mail by the morning.

Yup - I had not received an e-mail by 9:30 the following morning so called again, I was put on hold while the operative checked with the “checking department” (work that one out) after which I was advised that I would “receive an e-mail within 30 minutes”.

Yup, no e-mail was forthcoming so I called yet again at 1:30pm to be told that the order details could not be accessed because the order was “being looked at” - eureka - and that I would get a call with 10 minutes.

Yup - no call was forthcoming so I called again at 2:00pm to be told, again, that the order was still “being looked at”, the operative advised that they could not get through to the “checking department” by phone. I advised that I would prefer to hold on the phone than wait for e-mails or calls from people who don’t exist, eventually after 20 minutes I was put through to the “checking department” to be told that the order was “still in the queue” though would be released immediately, I received a confirmation e-mail a minute or so later.

After all of this the operative was not even able to tell me WHY my order had been selected for checking in the first place my credit card account is in good order and the delivery address is the same as the card billing address, all they could say is that it is part of their security system and “that you wouldn’t have an issue with it if someone else was using your card would you sir” - they made it hard enough for ME to use my card yet alone anyone else!! In short if Comet had any reason to question any aspects of the transaction then they should have done so at the time the order was placed.

I simply wanted to call, place the order and wait for it to be delivered on the Friday secure in the knowledge that the delivery slot was booked. I could have placed an order with one of Comet’s competitors and had complete piece of mind in this regard, instead I was left with the feeling that my credentials and trustworthiness were being questioned by Comet and that I was being treated like a fraudster, a potential criminal - all with absolutely no indication that Comet valued my custom."