Wednesday, 16 September 2009

TomTom giveth and TomTom taketh away

A few weeks ago I got an email from TomTom giving me an £8.00 voucher as part of their 5th anniversary celebrations. "What a nice thought" was my initial reaction and a good way to maintain customer loyalty and image.

A had a browse around their web-site and thought I would add Homer Simpson as a voice to my TomTom with the voucher - as I already was up to date on Maps and Traffic.

Now, here's where it all started to go wrong. The small print at the bottom of the email states "Your voucher code must be used in the web shop.... and cannot be redeemed via TomTom HOME" But everytime I try and order on-line, and enter my registration details, up pop's TomTom HOME. This then wants my credit cards details and to check-out, with no way of entering the Voucher Code.

To make matters worse, the original email came from "noreply" email address and attempts to contact TomTom via the website have not resulted in any response.

So it appears to me that TomTom would have been better off not sending out the email in the first place. Is it only me with problems?

In case anyone can get this to work - my voucher number is: MKTNONOPT8GBP8xnAqDGanpsAAAEisGVpEMdp
and you have until September 21st to use it. First come, first served.

Good Luck!