Friday, 11 December 2009

TomTom are at it again

Good Grief. What kind of customer service is this? Again I get another promotion code from a "no-reply" email address. Again it's not possible to use it - I tried so hard, this time I even bought something. It was Homer Simpson's voice for the satnav. Not something I would normally purchase, but the free voucher would cover the cost.

Again, there was no way of using the voucher at the time of checking out.

Again, the only way to communicate with TomTom is through there awful web based support tracking ticket thingy. No email correspondance is possible.

Again, the questions I asked were not answered.

Only difference is this time I have something I wouldn't have purchased and, guess what, they wont refund the purchase. And they can't internally use this voucher against an old purchase. It's in their terms and conditions - somewhere. But, they tell me in the last email, I can use the voucher on other purchases. But my problem is I can't. And now I wont purchase from them again. Anything. Ever.

Shame - they had a chance of sorting things out and keeping a long term customer (now on my 3rd satnav from them). But they blew it. Again.

So here's the voucher worth £8.00 - first to use it, keeps it.


I appreciate that TomTom have their terms and conditions of sale. I have my terms & conditions of purchase: if you muck me about, don't do what you say you are going to do, generally make me jump through hoops to have a commercial relationship and let me down - I blog about it to the whole world, mention it to anyone who will listen and never purchase from you again. Fair?

All I have to show for this painful episode is Homer Simpson's voice in my satnav.