Thursday, 28 June 2012

Open All Hours?

Increasingly shops and stores are advertising themselves as "Open 24 hours". Sounds very helpful, flexible and customer focused.... until you try to purchase something. This is from a pal's Facebook update this morning:

It's Molly's birthday tomorrow and in an attempt to get organised I get up at 6 and go to Tesco to buy her a kindle. Pick one up and go to the electrical counter to pay for it only to be told I can't. 
It was like Rhod Gilbert's duvet buying sketch!

Me: just this please

Tesco bod: I can't sell you that sir

Me: why?

Tesco bod: it's not 8 o'clock

Me: you're here, I'm here, I have the box

Tesco: can't do it sir it's only 6.30

So I think I will get some nice turkey from the deli...

Me: 4 slices of butter turkey please

Other tesco bod: I can't sell you that sir

Me: why not?

Bod: it's not 8 o'clock

Oh FFS! Open 24 hours my arse.